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Tom Crawford

Music Director / American Classical Orchestra, New York



"We have used Manhasset stands for our entire 30 year history. We have found them to be an excellent and reliable product."

Douglas Whitaker

Director of Operations / Memphis Symphony Orchestra

memphis_symphony "I have used Manhasset stands since I was a child. I personally prefer Manhasset over (competing brand) due to weight and bulk. In other words, I can pick up three Manhasset's in each hand and walk. I can only pick up two (competing brand)  stands due to their size which means if you are dealing with an orchestra, moving 6 stands is quicker and more efficient than 4 if you are moving say 12-15 stands."

John Demick

Stage Manager / Boston Symphony Orchestra


"Simply the best music stand on the market – rugged and durable, yet light for easy movability.  And Manhasset was kind enough to customize the color to meet our specific needs at Symphony Hall in Boston, which was most appreciated."

Carl Rendek

Production Manager/Principal Timpanist / Orlando Philharmonic

orlando_phil "Being a non-profit we have purchased Manhassets, had stands grandfathered to us, and I maintain an inventory of about 200 stands. I find them to be the musician standard, easily maintained, highly durable and long-lasting."

Koen Maes

Manager / Brussels Jazz Orchestra (BJO), Brussels, Belgium

brussles_jazz "The Voyager stands are great! They are compact, easy to transport and well built. We travel a lot and the Voyager allows for a very fast and efficient set up at our concerts. I would highly recommend them."

Rick Jones

Stage Manage / Omaha Symphony

omaha_symphony "We moved several years ago to a new concert hall equipped with the competitor's stands. This has given me a chance to compare the two main U.S. manufacturers' stands side by side. The players generally prefer the Manhasset stands because they hold the music at their preferred height with a minimum of fuss, even heavy Pops books or opera books with stand lights. I prefer them because they are much lighter in weight than the competition's stand."

Charles Latshaw

Artistic Director and Conductor / Bloomington Symphony Orchestra, Bloomington, Indiana



"I love my Manhassets. They're completely dependable, user-serviceable, minimalist, timeless, and just the right size. I personally own two Manhassets and use them exclusively at home and in my office."

Gerard Gibbs

Director of Artistic Planning / Akron Symphony Orchestra, Akron, Ohio

akron_symphony "Manhasset Stands are the standard of the industry. Practical, reliable, so right, you almost take them for granted. The Akron Symphony Orchestra uses them; every orchestra in which I have played as an oboist or worked in management uses them. I have personally owned one since 1995 and have taken it with me to several states and two foreign countries and it still functions like the day it was brand new. I can't think of a better music stand out there."

Deborah A. Sheldon, PhD Professor and Chair, Music Education and Therapy Boyer College of Music and Dance Temple University
temple_university "All of the other stands can come and go...Manhasset is the one I ALWAYS go to! Love it! I spent many years as a band director in the schools before going into university work and there was never a question as to which stand we were going to buy. In recent years, I have been playing in a jazz fusion quartet and bought myself a travel stand (need to get the bag!). So much better than anything else on the market."

Brad Zehr
"As a former band director and current private music instructor and musician, I have always preferred Manhasset stands over other stands. Because they weigh less than other stands, I would much rather set up Manhasset stands for a rehearsal or concert. They are also much easier to use. With one hand I am able raise and lower the stand. If there are two different brands of music stands in the room, and Manhasset is one of them, I always choose Manhasset for students and myself."

Carla Gannon Band Director Southwood Glen/Robinwood Elementary Schools
"The Manhasset Music stand: serving those who serve! The Manhasset music stand is not only attractive and easy to transport, but it provides a service found in the most noble of venues and the most humble. In the lowliest of places and in the most regal of places there still stands the Manhasset music stand. Growing up with this music stand as a beginning musician and now an educator starting young ones, is an amazing customer service base that continues to impress me. I will stand with Manhasset music stands because they stand with me.

Thank you for a quality product that serves my purpose in providing others with the ability to create and share."

Alan Friedman  
"I just got a Manhasset MH5001 orchestra stand to replace a folding music stand in my classical guitar studio. The is stand is sturdy, lightweight and easily adjustable, with a lip wide enough to hold several music books. The accessory lip is great for holding pencils, and files and sandpaper for keeping my nails shaped and smooth."

Pierluigi Serraino Classical Guitarist
"Aside from the sturdiness of the products, their design is absolutely exquisite while remaining functional. Both in the practice room and in a recital setting, these music stands have projected an image of artistry, craft, and long-lasting elegance which appears to continue with the latest releases. Especially the Fourscore Stand. Their extension allow you to play smoothly a rather long piece without going through the anxious turning of pages, especially while performing in public, a destructive disruption for the hardcore performer.

Thank you again for such super stands."

Ron Ernst Kansas City Drummer
"I am a pro drummer in the Kansas City area, and have been using your music stands for over 45 years. From elementary school band, through college, and through my professional music life, there is not a better stand on the market. They are sturdy and take a lot of abuse. Just before the start of the year, I purchased your new Drummer Stand. It allows me to read my charts while also being able to look directly at our conductor. What a great design! Thank you for decades of music excellence, and for helping make my music career a success!!"

Randy Lee Munro Manhasset Customer
"I have owned my Manhasset for 45 years and it was used then and it is still going strong."

Christopher Carnes Teacher
"Your stands are the best on the market. We've used several brands, but nothing lasts like a Manhasset."

Bob Jenkins Band Director, Symphony Musician
"I've dealt with every major brand of music stand. None compare, Long term."

Jack Holcomb Cello Teacher
"The best music stands ever - extremely durable, had one made in the forties."

Terry Corcoran Saxophone/Vocals
.Over the years, I've come to realize that Manhasset Stands are far and away the most frequently stolen music stands in the industry. That speaks for itself!.

Skip Olsen The Jimmy Alan Studio
"Have used your stands almost exclusively for over 25 years. The first one I bought I still have and it's great."

Thomas Morris Band Director, South St. Paul Public Schools
In my 38 years of teaching elementary through high school band I have learned what quality products to go with. I have purchased dozens of Manhasset Symphony music stands and I am very pleased with the quality and reliability of them. I have also found Manhasset accessory shelves to be very helpful along with Manhasset music lamps. Thank you for making products that are very useful and durable.

Sandy Gennaro Professional Drummer, Clinician/Teacher and Performer
I have been touring and recording for 35 years and I.ve been teaching for the last 20 years. After awhile you want certain gear to be at your gig, weather it be in an arena, a recording studio or my teaching studio. Manhasset music stands are one of the brands that I always request on my equipment rider on live .read. gigs, where music stands are necessary. I use them when I teach at the Drummers Collective and in my home studio. They are very well constructed with attention to detail. They stay put at the height you set them. They don.t gradually slip down as a result of the vibration of my rockin. drum riser. A nice perk is that they come in some great colors. I.ve chosen the gorgeous red ones for my home studio to match my drums. I highly recommend them for any application. Thanks to all at Manhasset, keep up the great work. Manhasset Note: Sandy has worked with, toured and recorded with Bo Diddly, Cyndi Lauper, The Monkees, Michael Bolton, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts and The Pat Travers Band to name a few. Sandy.s accomplishments are too many to list here, but too impressive to not reference. Visit his website at www.sandygennaro.com.


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