2016-10-11 Manhasset acquires the assets of Noteworthy Music Stands

Manhasset is excited to add the beautiful product designs of Noteworthy Music Stands to its lineup of music stand products," according to Dan Roberts, president and general manager of Manhasset Stands.  Roberts continues, "We are very excited about the potential growth of our Noteworthy Music Stand designs as a result of their acquisition by Manhasset."  Bob Meyer, president of Noteworthy Music Stands adds, from its start, Noteworthy Music Stands has been an integral part of my wife Sherrey’s and my life.  We have enjoyed meeting many people in the music industry and in the last few years when we had the opportunity to create music stands that were used by the President’s own United States Marine Band!  And we are especially delighted that Manhasset will continue to manufacture our music stand designs in the USA, maintaining the standard of excellence inherent in all of the music stand products that we have made over the years.”