80th Anniversary

2015 marked the 80th anniversary of the Manhasset Specialty Company, which began in 1935 when inventor Otto Lagervall set out to develop a better quality music stand that featuring the best materials and workmanship. The tradition of quality continues today with the production of each Manhasset® music stand and accessory product. The result of this quality-driven product manufacturing has enabled the company to offer a music stand Lifetime Warranty on materials and workmanship. From the earliest days of manufacturing concert style music stands, Manhasset Specialty stands have been the leading choice of Music Directors throughout the world. Just walk into virtually any school music room, opera house or symphony hall and you will undoubtedly find what has been the foundation for scores and scores of music for 80 years.

From its full line of music stands to a wide range of innovative accessories that answer the needs of today’s customers (including a wide array of colored music stands) numerous accessory products have been added to the Manhasset® product offering over the years and countless improvements have been made to its manufacturing processes, always remembering that quality is the highest priority. One of the reasons that Manhasset® can provide this kind of quality is the due to extensive and continuous testing on all products, manufacturing processes and components.

New product innovations such as the new Universal Tablet Holder and percussion products have been very successful, as a result.

Manhasset Specialty Company is committed to protecting the environment in its manufacturing processes. To that end it is worth noting that the company that the company received the Green Manufacturing Award from the Association of Washington Business, in recognition of its efforts related to environmental stewardship and reduction of its carbon footprint. The result of manufacturing products with zero industrial waste is an impressive accomplishment for manufacturers in any business arena.